About EZSwap

We are the same team that developed BetterHash and the many more other apps that you can find on our company's website. We developed EZSwap maintaining the same concept Satoshi came up with and as a result, we created a fast and easy coin swapper, where users can perform direct exchanges between eachother.

EZSwap is the epitome of why cryptocurrency has been created in its early stages: anonymity. Buy and sell safely and anonymously directly from and to other users from your phone. Full transparency, we offer detailed reporting for each trade and there are no hidden fees. Fixed fees apply to all exchanges, no matter the quantity transactioned. Be at liberty with your trade: move fast by placing a Market Order, or set your own price by placing a Limit Order. Watch over your order progress live as it's being executed. More freedom: you can change your mind about the price even after your exchange has started. No risk, high security transfers: we don't store any currency, so we're not at risk concerning hackers.

For added transparency, after the exchange finishes, you will be provided with the full list of trades that comprised your order and the ones where you were offered a better price than requested (for fixed price orders) will be marked in order to be more visible.

During the startup phase we might rely on our partners' for additional liquidity. When the demand will be higher than our own coin supply, part of the trade might take place on one of the partner exchanges. However, this will not affect the transaction price in any way.

We are always open to your new ideas and we encourage our users to come up with suggestions.

Why choose Us

We offer a direct, anonymous exchange service with zero trading fee


Competitive Commissions

Fixed, flat transfer fee no matter the quantity. No trading fee.


Strong Security

We don’t keep our users' funds.


World Coverage

Available to users worldwide. No location based restrictions.


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